It's all about the family

Simply Delicious

I think it's safe to say, but one thing we took for granted as kids were those nights where we'd all sit down together for dinner. Spaghetti night was always a favorite in our house, as I'm sure it was in yours. Bubba Buckets Family Style Italian is bringing those dinners back and making it simple for mom and dad. 

No matter how big the crowd Bubba Buckets is here to please. Bubba Buckets can feed a family of 6 for under $20, that's the best deal in town, hands down.


We use only the freshest, highest quality ingredients so you can feel good about what they're putting on the table. 

The idea behind Bubba Buckets Family Style Italian was to give parents an affordable, healthy and delicious option for them and their family. Designed around a menu of fresh spaghetti and scratch made marinara that can be customized to please every appetite. We even have a butter sauce option for littlest member of the house.

Each customer can choose from three different sizes, add meatballs to make the perfect pasta for their family. Additionally there's our delicious Garlic & Cheesy Bread, Salads and of course, Desserts. Bubba Buckets is always a crowd please. 

Bring Bubba Buckets to your town!

I grew up on a farm outside of a tiny town in East Texas. To this day there's barely 400 people calling that little bit of the state home. Bubba Buckets was designed for places like that. Providing hearty, healthy meals for small town families across America and helping business owners extend profit centers with high margins & minimal equipment and labor needs.


Who is a good fit for Bubba Buckets?

  • Convenience Store
    C-Stores with existing food service facilities can easily add Bubba Buckets to their offerings of take-out and delivery food. With no additional labor and only a minimal equipment an entirely new profit center can be added.

  • Donut Shops & Breakfast Restaurants
    Bubba Buckets, with its dinner focused menu is a great addition to your existing operation. With the addition of just a single worker for dinner service, a couple hours per day you can add valuable sales and profits to the period of time where your business normally sits idle.

  • Virtual & Ghost Kitchens
    A restaurant with excess capacity, a caterer with nightly prep, a food truck looking to expand delivery options, a meal prep facility, all of these businesses are perfect fits to add Bubba Buckets to their offerings. Take advantage of already existing labor and facilities by expanding third party delivery with a low cost, high profit operation that requires little investment.


Why should I add Bubba Buckets to my business?

  • Does your business have excess kitchen capacity?

  • Does your business not offer dinner options?

What's the cost?

Bubba Buckets is the lowest cost, highest margin supplemental business in the restaurant industry. With an equipment list of as little as $400 and starting inventory of less than $1000 you can have Bubba Buckets up and running in your business in a matter of days. A very simple licensing agreement making you the exclusive Bubba Buckets Family Style Italian outlet in the area and in no time at all you're putting smiles on the faces of families in your hometown.

Image by Shihab Chowdhury
Image by Frederick Medina